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Unboxing a PowerFlamer stove and a stand

Customer (PF13S160 and Stand_Wheels): 

Just got the burner and stand, WOW!!! Put together a couple of posts you might want to see on Reddit


thank you for your posts.  They are well written.  I believe you will continue your writing and maybe videos.  We will try to put the  links to your posts on our website. 

  1.  Restaurant stove usually only has two power setting.  Leaving any power on the main burner burns food.   PowerFlamer burner power is continuous.   People can dial the main burner power down significantly as compared to restaurant stove.  This is why pilot light is not as crucial in PowerFlamer product offerings. 
  2. The stand edges are sharp.  Please be cautious on it. 
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New Generation of PF13x160 stoves improves further!

Our new generation of PF13x160 stoves, which include PF13L160, PF13S160, PF13CL160 and PF13CS160, has improvements on various areas:

  • The long leg stoves are much more sturdier by our new leg design to accommodate the long leg adapter.
  • The burner pipe design is adjusted such that our short leg stoves are more stable when stand along.
  • Burner flame adjustment is much smoother and continuous.
  • Pilot light, when lit, is more stable.
  • Our stainless braided hose and regulator assembly can now be detached from the burner, following to industry standard. 
  • Our wok adapter has been redesigned not to block any flame from the burner.   

For stoves detail please visit the product page.  


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Product customization request.


Hello,Was checking your homepage and found the PF13S160 model which suits my needs the best.  Is this available on Amazon as well?  If i purchase i need to fly with it back home to europe. I commute frequently. Can’t find any good models in europe unfortunately. What’s the weight of the unit? Should be able to travel as checked in box? Can you deliver with connection for european gas bottles plug and play? Thanks.


We don’t sell PF13S160 stove on Amazon.   It is only available from our own web site.   You can simply order it from our own web site and put in the instruction that this is for Europe.  We know to put a regular POL tank connector for outside of USA sales.  If you have further question, you can also utilize the contact us form on our web site to communicate. 

The weight of the unit is about 25lbs.  And you should be able to check in with the airlines.  

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How hot does the cast iron burner get?


I wish to purchase your PF13S160 model and have a question about how hot the actual cast iron burner gets. I have seen others online build their own carts and i wish to do the same thing with your PF13S160 model for myself. What i dont know is that because of the 160K btu capacity of your models, will this be too hot for the burner to sit in a hole of a stainless steel cart? How hot does the burner get on the outside? Will it overheat a stainless steel cart?


Good question.   We have customers built carts or outdoor kitchens to accommodate PF13S160.   In contact with the stainless cart is the stove wind guard.   The wind guard would never has contact with the burner flame and thus should remain cool all the time.