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Is there an extra part that fits the bottle, like an adaptor?


What’s the difference between Tank vs “Tank and Bottle”? Is there an extra part that fits the bottle, like an adaptor?


For difference between tank vs “Tank and Bottle”, please read  There is a bottle adaptor between the normal tank connector and bottle for the “Tank and Bottle” option.

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Questions on Tank/Bottle, Stabilizers, Pilot Flame for PowerFlamer 160.


Hi, Do I have to buy a tank or bottle with the 160 long lead time model? I’d like to not have to do this. Also, what exactly do the leg stabilizers do? How do they work? And does the cover custom fit the burner or is simply a square tarp? Lastly, is there a pilot flame without the electric ignition start or the pilot flame only exists if you have the electric ignition option?


  1.  We do not sell tank or bottle.   You will need to get them from your local hardware store or gas station.  We only sell stove that works with tank or bottle.
  2. When people cooks, they may toss the food in the wok.  Since the food can be heavy, lifting the wok from stove may not be complete.   The result is that the wok is carrying the stove to a tilt.   Leg stabilizers help to stabilize the stove.   Please look at the “Usage Examples” section at the product link
  3. The stove cover is a custom hand-made piece for our stove.   Please look at the “Usage Examples” section at the product link
  4. The electronic ignition version does not have a pilot flame.   The electronic ignition flame needs to be completely turn off after the main burner is ignited.   Our manual version has the pilot flame that can stay during cooking. 

Hope we answer your questions.   Let us know any further question.

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Position of tank and wok support ring

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

I have a question about my newly purchased PowerFlamer Propane 160 (Item# PF13L160EI) with Long Leg Stabilizer: For Long Leg Stoves (Item# TwoLegStabilizers).

Is it ok and safe to place the propane tank below the stove to weight down the leg stabilizer? 

Where should this (see attached picture) be position? Towards the user or opposite side? Is it called a wind guard? 


Every time before ignition, you will turn on the tank.  At that time please be diligent in noticing any leak.  If there is any hissing sound or smell of gas before ignition or opening of stove side valves, a leak check is necessary.  After leak proof, it is OK to place the tank under the stove.   Anyway the tank can’t be far away from the stove.  Isn’t placing it beside the stove the same as underneath?

The wok support ring you are pointing to has ¼ of its perimeter a high up rail.  You should place your wok handle there to prevent burner flame coming out to hurt your hand.


Thank you for the additional information.  Two more question if I may. 🙂 

I think I read in the FAQ that the electric ignition version I have does NOT have a pilot light? I will have to spark to light each time the main burner is turned off? 

To be honest, the electric ignition isn’t very good and I am now using a long nose BBQ lighter instead. If I knew this, I would have ordered the manual version and saved the extra cost for accessories. A pilot light is more useful.  Thank you!


You are right.  The electronic ignition can NOT serve as a pilot flame.  Usually you need a few strikes to get one flame successful.   The first few strikes are to fill up the copper tube with gas.